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Pwndarens News

By: Bäz - March 1st

About Pwndarens


Pwndarens Guild is a determined group of people who will strive towards our goals while enjoying our gaming experience together.

Because most of us have real life commitments we like to ensure our gaming time is as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible. With this in mind we always strive to achieve our best and will actively encourage others to do the same.

We are happy to take experienced level 85 players as long as you are willing to learn, help others within the guild, work as part of a team and accept constructive advice. Our belief is that everyone can benefit from this regardless of experience whilst maintaining an atmosphere of good humour and enjoyment.


The guild is a blend of both casual and hardcore to experience the best out of interaction and competition. This also ensures that any type of player can be a part of our circle, and that whether we accept them or not depends entirely on how they present their selves to us. On a final note, even though Pwndarens incorporates two forms of play style, we intend to make a mark on Illidan.


If you are interested in joining Pwndarens on its journey through the World Of Warcraft please take a look at our recruitment tab for more information and have a chat to one of our officers if you ever experience any trouble.

Pwndarens Management Team

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